Better now


Since almost one or two years ago I’ve been struggling with ideas that come out of my mind about how bad I was in a bunch of things, making myself feel miserable sometimes, just for stupid things… yes now I can told you that i was making a storm into a glass of water about school, friends, purposes in life, time, opinions, my capacities… man a lot of things. And I remember how few year ago one of the topics that I used to choose to talk with my friends was that i wasn’t happy or why this? why about the most insignificant problem, and even no real problems. I lost myself in bitterness and felling bad just cause I took so seryusly other people.And because it seemed that i wanted to be in hole, stuck in my path. 

I felt really lost, well I have to admit that i’m currently seeking, but now with a different mentality a different way to see life, I think I recover a part of me that I know was somewhere in those past years.

Now I want to be, stronger, happier, more intelligent, better person, i don’t want to worry about people and  what are their thought towards me.  And stronger i mean, have a good shape and be so stronger about my persona. 

I want to do what my dad told me one day: You must have to be unique, always, no matter where were you, or with who you are.


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