Better now


Since almost one or two years ago I’ve been struggling with ideas that come out of my mind about how bad I was in a bunch of things, making myself feel miserable sometimes, just for stupid things… yes now I can told you that i was making a storm into a glass of water about school, friends, purposes in life, time, opinions, my capacities… man a lot of things. And I remember how few year ago one of the topics that I used to choose to talk with my friends was that i wasn’t happy or why this? why about the most insignificant problem, and even no real problems. I lost myself in bitterness and felling bad just cause I took so seryusly other people.And because it seemed that i wanted to be in hole, stuck in my path. 

I felt really lost, well I have to admit that i’m currently seeking, but now with a different mentality a different way to see life, I think I recover a part of me that I know was somewhere in those past years.

Now I want to be, stronger, happier, more intelligent, better person, i don’t want to worry about people and  what are their thought towards me.  And stronger i mean, have a good shape and be so stronger about my persona. 

I want to do what my dad told me one day: You must have to be unique, always, no matter where were you, or with who you are.

Azul Violeta


Azul Violeta

De alguna manera Dios me ah estado recordando que debo de vivir con alegria, disfrutando el momento, asi como también me recordo que se debe dar todo de uno mismo, pero lo más importante y lo que tal vez cueste mas trabajo es: ser uno mismo.
Pero para que todo esto funcione hay algo muy importante: Tener fe en uno mismo y tener fe en Dios.

This world

Lesson learned and the wheels keep turning…

After hear “The world we live In” a  song from the killers, I felt very identified with the lyrics, and i could get the meaning of it.

All what is said in it, had a great meaning, and I do consider that we’ve lived that.

And no we can’t go back… and it’s true now that the things has happened we are right here with all that knowledge that we’ve learned. And unfortunately  it’s true we can not go back, to live different and do what we would’ve wanted. 

I feel myself get tied… And well I feel that it’s true ourselves get tied, by our thoughts and when we listen to others and let that opinions became our reality, and our opinion about us. 

Things are not like I used to think about them, life it’s better than how I was living.